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If you do what you love, it doesn't feel like working.

I've always been eager to find a job which doesn't ruin my Sunday evenings due to pre-Monday misery.  With geen I am able to take Mondays off and bring a little bit of happiness to your Sunday.

Do not hesitate to follow your dream and do what you love to make you happy.


When I lost my job due to corona in 2020, I've decided to finally make my dream come true and open my own café. It's tough to open a café in those difficult times however its never bad timing to do what you love and follow your passion.

Gastronomy and events became my passion in 2011 and I couldn't imagine working anywhere else.

I can't believe that I made it this far and can finally welcome you to geen.

Geen was founded to create a cozy place for friends and family to come together and catch up while enjoying a cup of coffee. While trying to be most sustainable and transparent, geen is a place to relax, to enjoy themselves or even just fill up their vitamin d level on those rare sunny days.

Gilina, Founder

March 2021

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